Ranking System of the American Military

So the military ranking system in America is a bit complicated but it can be understood by any researcher or scholar if they put the time in to learn.

We have different categories first one is pay grade second one is army and marine corps.

I will be listing out the Commissioned Officers first:

0-1: Second Lieutenant

0-2: First Lieutenant

0-3: Captain

0-4: Major

0-5: Lieutenant Colonel

0-6: Colonel

0-7: Brigadier General

0-8: Major General

0-9: Lieutenant General

0-10: General

Second, we have Special Grades:

5 Stars: general of the army

Third, we have Warrant Officers:

W-1: Warrant Officer

W-2-W-5: Chief Warrant Officer

Fourth, we have Total Officers:

E-1: Private

E-2: Army Private/ Marine Private First Class

E-3: Army Private First Class/ Marine Lance Corporal

E-4: Corporal

E-5: Sergeant

E-6: Staff Sergeant

E-7: Army Sergeant First Class Marine Gunnery Sergeant

E-8: Master Sergeant

E-9: Sergeant Major

Lastly, we have Special Grades

Sergeant Major


These are the main ranks in the American military the reason for such a structure is to show discipline commitment and loyalty to the American army. You must be committed and loyal to be able to climb the ranks and be where you want to be in the world. Obviously, the same principle still apply depending on wherever you want to be in the world. With hard work and dedication, anything is possible.