About Us

Mil-OSS is a website all about military history and software. Our goal is to provide in-depth analysis to researchers and scholars about the military. For example, one may be wondering what does the military do or what they are aiming to achieve. We can even look at statements or think about how the military is funded.

The military is expanding technologically in such an advanced world. Software is a huge part of today’s society.  If the military is to stay advanced, it needs the latest software and technology.

Military and war is a fascinating subject matter to talk about and often people are curious. Now in the 21st century, societies are battling and trying to fight over certain areas of market. War has transferred to business instead. Now established companies fear of a startup coming up with a brand new technology that could wipe them out. Human nature does not change so learning more about the history of our race and military strategies if a good place to start.

Mil-OSS has a large team of developers and researches our team consists of professionals in the history. All our people with Mil-OSS shows the dedication they have to military history. We are very proud of ourselves and we are looking forward to providing the community of researchers and scholars ever long-lasting data on the military.