WG4 Speakers & Presentations

Keynote Speakers

Dawn Meyerriecks, Assistant Director of National Intelligence for Acquisition, Technology & Facilities
Government Open Source Pep Talk
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Arthur Herman, Author of Freedoms Forge
Lessons for Today Learned from WWII

Gen. James “Hoss” Cartwright, USMC ret.
Discussed the Importance of and Evolution of the Human/Technology Interface

Session Speakers

Andrew Henshaw, GTRI
How and Why: Automate Microsoft Office with Python

Bradley Chambers, RadiantBlue Technologies
Open Source Lidar Software

Craig Vitter, IKANOW
The Open Source Knowledge Discovery and Document Analysis Platform

Dan McPherson, Red Hat
OpenStack and OpenShift

David A. Wheeler, IDA
Navigating Laws & Regulations on OSS
Running An Open Source Project

David A. Wheeler, IDA & Tom Dunn, GTRI
Open Source Software in Government: Challenges and Opportunities

Eddie Pickle, OpenGeo
The Value of Open Source Software

Erik Rothwell, LCE
Android Mobile Web Services

Gregory Frazier, Apogee Research
Changing the Rules of Cyber Warfare - Introduction-Based Routing (IBR)

Luis Ibanez
Strategic Open Source: From Healthcare to Intelligence

Shawn Wells, Red Hat
SCAP Security Guide

Tim Cullen, Greystones Group
Knowledge Management with Drupal at the Office of Naval Research

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