WG3 Speakers & Presentations

Keynote Speakers

Alex S. Voultepsis (CTO, IC-CIO, ODNI)
Government Open Source Software (GOSS) For Govies
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John Scott (Radiant Blue) & Dan Risacher (DoD CIO, NII)
Open Technology Development: Lessons Learned & Best Practices For Military Software
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John Kuniholm
The Open Prosthetics Project
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Lt. Col. Karl "Grumpy" Hill (USMC) & Maj. James "Neutron" Neushul (USMC)
Effective, Affordable and Sustainable — Open Source Solutions in the Marine Corps
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Maj. Robert Wilson (USA) & Kane McLean (BRTRC)
ORION - Enterprise 2.0 Collaboration in the DoD
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Charles M. Schweik, University of Massachusetts
Successful Internet Collaboration: A Study of Open Source Software Commons
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Session Speakers

Andy Henshaw, GTRI
Replacing MATLAB: Python Tools For Scientists and Engineers

Clarence Davis, Geocent
Orchestrating Enterprise Identity Using EIDO

David Egts, Red Hat
Confining Users with SELinux in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6: Easily Letting Users Get Their Job Done, And That's It

Dave Feldstein, Pentaho
Open Source Business Intelligence: Power to the Users

Dave Millard, GTRI

David Nalley, Cloudstack
Crash Course in Open Source Cloud Computing

David A Wheeler, IDA
Publicly Releasing Open Source Software Developed for the U.S. Government

David A Wheeler, IDA & Tom Dunn, GTRI
Open Source in the Government: Lessons Learned

Dmitri Pal, Red Hat
CAC and Kerberos From Vision to Reality

Douglas Creager, RedJack LLC
An Introduction to Apache Avro

Drew Pihera, GTRI
Data Visualization in Protovis

Eddie Pickle, OpenGeo
GEONODE — The SDI Platform for Collaboration with Mission Partners

Jack Zentner, GTRI
DARPA'S Vehicle Forge

James Labocki, Red Hat
Integrating User Community Content With System Management

John Scott, Radiant Blue
Open Source Software Tutorial

John M. Weathersby, OSSI
Open Technology Research Consortium
Open Cyber Security

Joshua M. Doe & Stephen Burks,US Army RDECOM CERDEC NVESD
GStreamer For Video Processing Applications

Justin Fanelli, DISA
GCCS-J PMO Client Consolidation: Use of OSS

Justin Gray, NASA
OPENMDAO: An Open Source MDAO Framework

Kane McLean, BRTRC
Building the Business Case for Open Source in the DoD
Joomla in the Federal Government

Kirsten Burgard, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

Mark Lucas, Radiant Blue

Matt Jonkman, Open Information Security Foundation
SURICATA IDS - Your Open Source Alternative

Michael Anderson, The PTR Group
The Future of the ARM Processor in Military Operations

Michael Howard, QinetiQ North America
Deploying SaaS into the DoD-AE/DoD-EC2

Richard Clayton, Berico Technologies
Designing Secure (PL3/PL4) Event Driven Architecture

Richard Bullington-McGuire,Blackstone Technology Group
Deploying DRUPAL in a Private Cloud at DHS

Tina Coleman, Next Century Corporation
OWF & GOSS:An Update on the Last Year

Trey Oats, SPAWAR
SPAWAR in the Clouds: DoD App Engine / DOD EC2

Tom Gaskins, NASA World Wind
Rapid Creation of 3D Geospatial Apps

Tony Stafford, SPAWAR
Enterprise Security Federation Framework (ESF2)

Karl MacMillan, Tresys Technology
Linux as a Platform for Cross Domain Solutions: From Dismissal to Dominance

Winston Messer, OSSI & Nicholas Bollweg, GTRI
Open Technology Dossier Protocol

Zach Rouse, Geocent
Open Source Common Operational Picture (OPENCOP)

Ignite Speakers

Charles Kaminski Jr, LexisNexis
An Introduction to the Recently Open Sourced HPCC

Daniel Clemens, Packetninjas
Automated Social Network Link Analysis for Target Attack and Investigations

David A. Wheeler, IDA
Why The GPL Might Not Destroy The Universe

Gunnar Hellekson, Red Hat
Government as a Platform: Cloud and the OODA Loop

Maj. James Neushul, Amphibious Communication Officer, Commander, US THIRD Fleet
Tactical Data Network Extension

Joel Schlagel, US ARMY
Operating and Supporting Open Source Geospatial Software in DoD Business Systems

John M. Weathersby, OSSI
Operation BearClaw: How Things Really Get Done Inside the DC Beltway

Kane McLean, BRTC & Carl Springer, GTRI
War Games: Interesting Facts from the Flick

Michael Anderson, The PTR Group
The New "Normal" in User Interfaces

Patrick Reynolds, Kitware
How to Make Money by Giving Everything Away

Rick Brennan, Operational Systems, Inc.
Open Core Software in Military Aviation

Skip Cole, Sea Change Simulations
Technology Enhanced Role Plays to Improve Decision Making and Strategic Communications

Tina Coleman, Next Century Corporation
Building an Open Source Community: It's The People, Stupid!

Winston H. Messer, OSSI
Racking the Tech Stack: Clearing Glitches, Bugs, and Misfires with Open Source Technology

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