2nd Annual Working Group · August 2-5, 2010 · Washington, D.C.

Join us at our second working group (WG2) in D.C. 2-5 August 2010 to discuss life, liberty, and the pursuit of open source.

Location: Washington, D.C. at the Waterview Conference Center

Dates: August 2-5, 2010
Aug 2 - Opening Reception
Aug 3 - Talks Day; Ignite Evening
Aug 4 - Talks/BarCamp Day; BarCamp Evening
Aug 5 - BarCamp

Lodging: Hotel Palomar Arlington, 1121 19th Street North.
The hotel is connected to the Conference Center. We have a special government rate of $170.00 plus taxes. Call and ask for reservations and the group code is Mil-OSS.

Registration Conference price includes talks, socials, meals/snacks, and BarCamp. WIFI will be available throughout the meeting space. Space is limited to ~175.

Entire Event - $450
Entire Event (Speaker) - $350
BarCamp Only $75

Keynote & Guest Speakers

Cyber Challenges in
a Hierarchical Culture

Lt. Gen. Robert J. Elder, Jr. Ret

CompanyCommand & PlatoonLeader Forums and MilSuite
Lt. Col. Nate Allen
Division Chief, Business Synchronization and Governance, Office of Business Transformation

Open Source Cyber

HD Moore,


Homeland Open Security
Technologies (HOST)

Douglas Maughan,
Program Manager, DHS S&T Cyber Security R&D Program

Update on DoD
OSS Policy

Daniel Risacher,
DoD CIO Office

Update on Keeping it Stupid Stupid
Major James D. Neushul
I MEF Future Operations, Commo / IMO

Cloud/IT Talks

Open Source Application
Health Monitoring System

John Emerson, President,
Avenue Open, Inc.

Java Provisioning In The Cloud
Adrian Cole,
Opscode, Inc.

Tactical C2 SOA Suite - Enterprise Support
Michael Howard,
QinetiQ North America

Big Bad PostgreSQL: BI on a Budget
Theo Schlossnagle,

Datacenter Automation and Compliance with Puppet
Teyo Tyree,
Puppet Labs

The Enterprise Guide to Drupal for Gov 2.0
Michael Walsh,

Open Source Web Content Management in Government with Plone
Ken Wasetis,
Contextual Corp.

Open Source Configuration Management in the Clouds
John Willis,
Opscode, Inc.

OSS Project Talks

Open Software Defined Radio on Low Cost Hardware
Philip Balister,

Introducing MilSuite: Facebook-Style Collaboration across the DoD
Jason Bock,
Symbolic Systems Inc.

Build an MLS Desktop
Without Really Trying

Gunnar Hellekson,
Chief Technology Strategist,
Red Hat Inc.

OSSIM and OMAR in the DoD/IC
Mark Lucas,
RadiantBlue Technologies Inc.

Eureka Streams
Brian Mayo and Steve Terlecki,
Lockheed Martin

BRL-CAD: An Open Source Perspective
Sean Morrison,
BRL-CAD Open Source Project Lead,
U.S. Army Research Laboratory

Update on
Aaron Lippold,
Defense Information Systems Agency

CONNECT: An Open Source Platform for Promoting Military Health
David Riley,
CONNECT Initiative Lead

DISA's Open Source Corporate Management Information System (OSCMIS)
Jeff Smart,
Georgia Tech Research Institute

Custom, COTS, and OSS & An Architecture for Market-Driven Orchestration
Al Williams,
The Boeing Company

Cyber Security Talks

The Next Generation Open IDS Engine Suricata and Emerging Threats
Matt Jonkman,
Open Information Security Foundation/Emerging

OSS Security War Chest: An Inventory of Useful tools and Capability Gaps
Chris Smoak,
Georgia Tech Research Institute

Open Source Software and Security
David A. Wheeler,

Geospatial Talks

Importance of WS-Addressing and
WS-Reliability in DoD Enterprises

Jared Ladner,

Advancing Open Source Geospatial Software for the DoD/IC
Eddie Pickle,

Geospatial Searching and
Indexing with Apache Lucene

Paul Williams,

Business Talks

Open Technology
Research Consortium

Joshua L. Davis,
Georgia Tech Research Institute

.org to .com: Going from Project to Product
David D. Egts,
Principal Architect, Red Hat Inc.

OZONE & OWF: A Community-wide GOTS initiative and its transition to GOSS
Jason Kahn, Department of Defense
Tina Coleman, Next Century Computing

Reaching It's Potential:
How to Make Government-Developed OSS A Major Player
Perry McDowell,

Miscellaneous Talks

Analysis of Competing Hypotheses
Matthew Burton,

USIP Open Simulation Platform
Ronald "Skip" Cole,
United States Institute of Peace (USIP)

Senior Leadership Adapting
to Social Platforms
Army, Hello Joomla!

Kane McLean,
BRTRC | Strategy & Communications

IaaS to PaaS - The Evolution of Warfighter Application Development and Hosting
Trey Oats & Aaron Pestel,
Net-Centric Command & Control Engineering and Navigation

Hackin' Devices and Ruby
Kit Plummer,
Dozer Software/Operational Systems, Inc.

Towards a Virtual Open Systems Engineering Environment
Drew Pihera,
Georgia Tech Research Institute

How-To & General Q/A for MIL-OSS
John Scott

How and Why Python is Used in the Model of Real-World Battlefield Scenarios
Eric Silverman,

Using Git to Overcome Traditional VCS Limitations
Donnie Smith,
Georgia Tech Research Institute

The Open Source Image Management 10k
Matthew Wycoff,

Ignite Talks

Fighting Forks: When Open Source Disappears into the Pentagon
Gunnar Hellekson,
Chief Technology Strategist, Red Hat Inc.

Pushin' His Barcamp Ideas
Major James D. Neushul
I MEF Future Operations, Commo / IMO

Hackin' Excel with Ruby
Kit Plummer,
Dozer Software/Operational Systems, Inc.

Open Source Continuous Integration
Patrick Reynolds,
Kitware Inc.

Devops: Why Should You Care
John Willis,
Opscode, Inc.

Improving Performance on Federal Contracts Using Scrum & Agile
Paul Williams,

Bar Camp

Planning is in the works. Please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to share your thoughts on projects for this working group's barcamp.

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