Obstacles for OSS

Ensuring OSS fairly considered in acquisitions
–Some acquisition processes/policies not updated for OSS
–Policy noncompliance (FAR’s market research)
–Many PMs unfamiliar with OSS: don’t consider using or creating
–Many OSS projects ignore solicitations & RFPs
–Favor proposals with OSS – more rights

•Different economics: Pay-up-front for improvements
–Some policies presume proprietary COTS’ pay-per-use model
–Can pay in $ or time, can compete, can cost-share with other users

•Transition costs if pre-existing system
–Especially if dependent on proprietary formats/protocols/APIs
–Use open standards so can switch (multi-vendor, no ‘RAND’ patents)

•Emphasize web-based apps/SOA/platform-neutral
– & test it!
–Vendor lock-in often increases TCO; transition may be worthwhile