Support Mil-OSS

Individual Advocacy

The best way to support Mil-OSS and help improve software development practices in the military, is simply to share the good word about open source. When opportunities present themselves, start the discussion about leveraging an existing OSS project or creating your next project under an open source license. Take advantage of opportunities to educate your colleagues on the advantages (both to them and to the government) of OSS versus proprietary software. Everyone has a sphere of influence, so do your part to educate, inform, and encourage the people your circles to make good decisions that support our nation's War-Fighters.

Supporting Resources

Is your organization already on-board with OSS concepts, but you want to help more? Consider donating resources such as staff-hours, tele-conference-lines, or meeting-space to support the Mil-OSS goals and activities. If there is a project that your organization uses, or needs to adapt to fit a certain client requirement, it is easy to donate a developer's time to make those changes and share the modification with the community. There are a lot of creative ways to contribute resources to those working open source community, and doing so builds on the innertia of open source growth in DoD and supprts those in the field who rely on OSS technologies. Contact Mil-OSS for more information.

Event Sponsorship

The annual Working Group is the main event that companies are familiar with sponsoring. Each annual Working Group organizes its own sponsorhip program and makes it available fairly early. If your company is interested in sponsoring an annual event, please contact Mil-OSS.

WG sponsorship is a great way to promote your company in the Mi-OSS community, however there are a lot of other opportunities to sponsor Mil-OSS throughout the year—local Meet-Ups, monthly local Mil-OSS Lunches, local Bar Camps, etc. Some local events, like a local monthly Mil-OSS Lunch, just need organizers since the members pay for themselves--so the sponsor just invests their time in organizing and promoting the local event. Local sponsorhip is a great way to really engage the military open source community and become part of the team. For opportunities to sponsor local events contact Mil-OSS.