As you know, we've grown a lot the last few years and are continuing to grow. A part of that growth has been enabling regional chapters such as DC, LANT, and soon, CFL. We realize that some growing pains are expected and we're doing all we can to figure out the best way to make the most of the growth challenges and the opportunities they present.

One of these challenges is our annual Working Group. We want to make the most of the national event while not detracting from new regional events. After much discussion, brainstorming, and caffeine we realized "Why can't we have both?" This gave rise to the concept of "WG@Chapter." That made a lot of sense to us, and we think it will excite the rest of the community too.

Starting with WG5, annual Working Groups will be held in one of the chapter regions and coincide with that chapter's local event. This will highlight the great work of the chapters and help expose other Mil-OSS'ers to more new faces every year.

We see a lot of benefits to this for everyone:

- Fully leverage WG resources at the chapter level
- Highlight regional chapters
- Expose Mil-OSS'ers to regional project and BD opportunities
- Expanded sponsorships and exposure to OSS-oriented companies
- Less taxing on tight travel funds for contractors and govies
- Avoid making many of you choose between attending the WG or Chapter events
- Strengthen the symbiosis between the regional chapters and the national community
- Hold the annual WG in a new and exciting location every year

To kick this effort off right, this year's annual Mil-OSS Working Group (WG5) will be part of the second chapter-hosted LANT2 event in Charleston, SC. We think it's fitting, since Mil-OSS | LANT in Charleston was the first Mil-OSS chapter launched. The name for the annual Working Group will continue to be WG, but to hightlight the chapter we're adding "@Chapter" to it. Hence, we are calling this year's Working Group “WG5@LANT” to reflect the partnership. Now when you see references to WG5@LANT, you'll know what its all about. Future WGs will follow this pattern.

We Appreciate Our Amazing Sponsors!