2009 Annual Working Group · August 12-13 · Atlanta, GA,


Contact: Josh L. Davis
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Mil-OSS WG1 in Atlanta, Georgia August 12-13, 2009

ATLANTA, GA, AUGUST 12-13, 2009 — The initial gathering of the Military Open Source Software (Mil-OSS) Working Group will take place here on Aug. 12 and 13 at the Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI) Conference Center. The group will discuss the role of open source software for military applications.

This non-classified event is open to all interested parties. “People concerned with the future of open source software for the military are sure to find this meeting quite interesting,” said Joshua L. Davis, a GTRI research scientist who is coordinating the gathering. “This is the working group’s first meeting, and our intention is to hold future meetings of this group every six months.”

Keynote addresses will be given by Daniel Risacher, associate director of Information Policy and Integration, DoD CIO, and by Major James D. Neushul, I-MEF Future Operations, Commo / IMO. Risacher will speak on “Open Source and the U.S. Department of Defense”; Neushul’s talk is titled “Keep It Stupid Stupid: The KISS Principle for DoD Acquisitions.” Organizers plan an open agenda, with some 18 presentations scheduled thus far. In addition, there will be three tracks -- Geospatial OSS Projects, General OSS Projects, and Miscellaneous Topics.

Registration cost for the gathering is $325 for attendees and $250 for speakers, and special hotel arrangements are available. For complete information on registration, attendance and other topics, visit mil-oss.org.

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